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Terms of Use and Privacy Policy

Terms of Use

By opening this website you commit to obeying these terms. Using or viewing this website is not allowed unless you accept these terms. This website contains copyrighted material, Copyright © Web-Learning International WebLI Ltd. Copying, distributing, sharing or saving this website or any part of it in any format is forbidden without in advance written permission from Web-Learning International WebLI Ltd. Some parts of this website may affiliate separate terms and those terms apply to addition of terms contained by this page.

Web-Learning International WebLI Ltd does not provide any warranties that this website can be used without interruption or without error. Web-Learning International WebLI Ltd reserves the right to change, modify or delete contents, or prevent access to this website or any part of it. Web-Learning International WebLI Ltd does not represent or warrant that the information accessible via this site or web services is accurate, complete, current or suitable for some particular purpose.

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Privacy Policy

Using this website does not require registering or handing any personal information. When using this website users Internet Protocol (IP) address is temporarily stored at administrators server, provided that user sends information to the server. This IP address may be used to assure proper functioning of this website. Users IP address is not used for any other purpose. Users can send contact requests and other message to Web-Learning International Ltd using especially for this purpose maintained forms. In that case any useful information sent by user is saved to customer register posessed by Web-Learning International Ltd. Information is used only for opertaions that may be required in contacting user about information that user had stated being interested in. Personal information is not released to any third-party. Personal data is not used in direct marketing. Web-Learning International Ltd is allowed to send information regarding Web-Learning International Ltd prodcuts and services, provided that user has agreed with that. If user later does not want no receive this information, he/she can notify Web-Learning International Ltd by sending a letter regarding this to webli (at) webli.fi.

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Terms of Use and Privacy Policy

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