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Newspaper articles, book introductions

Theorymodel of web-learning (FIN, pdf, 131 kB)
New tool for web-teaching connects teacher and student outside school (FIN, pdf, 197 kB)
Web connection opens the door to virtual class (Kainuun Sanomat 13.2.2008 s.6) (FIN, pdf, 481 kB)
Learning environment in web (Mania 3/2008 s.21) (FIN, pdf, 583 kB)
You learn efficiently in web (Mania 9/2008 s.30) (FIN, pdf, 234 kB)
www.imdl.fi/tuotteet.htm - IMDL books (in finnish)

Learning made easier and more effective by WebLI (ENG, pdf, 2,144 kB)
Turkey briefing (ENG, pdf, 620 kB)


User Guide (ENG, pdf, 2,207 kB)


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ASP-Palvelusopimus (FIN, pdf, 320 kB)

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