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Contact information

E-mail: tuki (at) webli.fi
Telephone: +358 2 231 8888


         User Guide (ENG, pdf, 2,207 kB)


Check the functionality of your web-cam, microphone and headphones/speakers with web-cam- and microphone settings -tool (Flash-program)

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What do I need to use this service?
A: You need a computer, a browser program and an Internet connection. You need a web camera to be seen to others, You need also a pair of speakers and a microphone or a headset (with microphone) to hear and to be heard to others.

Q: Does the browser have to be Mozilla / Internet Explorer?
A: Browser program can be any generic browser that has Flash Player 8 plug-in or newer.

Q: What browser add-ons / plug-ins do I need?
A: You need Flash Player 8 plug-in or newer. You need also Java (version 1.5 or newer) to use the desktop sharing property.

Q: What connections does the service use in communication?
A: The service uses ports 80 (http-traffic, login, administration, service starting) and 1935 (rtmp-traffic: audio & video, presentation graphics).

Q: Can I use proxy?
A: There might be problems using the service through proxies, because proxy services usually allow only http-traffic. Flash Player tries to build a connection to server first through port 1935. If it fails, the Player then tries again using port 80 (http-tunneling). This might seem to You as a connection failure, if the program does not build a connection to server right after starting up the service.

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